Top Extreme Sports experiences in Los Angeles

Known as a bustling center for all things culture, music, sport, and entertainment, those looking for extreme sports experiences in Los Angeles are spoilt for choice.

With beautiful weather all year round, as well as stunning natural landscapes blended with a sprawling urban environment, there are activities to suit the needs of all those with a taste for adrenaline.

From parasailing in the air to motorbiking on the racetrack to enjoying high-class speedboats on the stunning Pacific coastline, read on to find out more about the world of white-knuckle experiences in Los Angeles.


Born on the streets, for the streets, parkour is a test of your physical endurance, athleticism, and decision-making on the go, as you try to navigate the concrete jungle with the speed and precision of Spiderman.

Whether you are jumping gaps between walls and swinging under railings outside or partaking in a session in a state-of-the-art parkour gym, it’s sure to give you the thrills and spills of an exciting and fast-paced sport.

There are many parkour groups available for you to join in the city, meaning that it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert – there is a community out there willing and ready to teach you or learn from you if you’re that good!


Whether it’s your 100th jump or just your first, there is a plethora of skydiving options available in Los Angeles for those that love falling from a great height – with idyllic weather conditions and a stunning landscape below, you can take in the beauty of the Los Angeles area from the best seat in the house.

When it comes to things to do in Los Angeles, there aren’t many things that can beat skydiving in the arenas of spectacular views and instantly unforgettable experiences – and with such a large area to choose from, there is a huge range of drop zones that will provide varying qualities so that you can choose the drop zone that suits you best.

For example, the Elsinore Valley drop zone between the LA and San Diego metropolitan areas features Southern California’s largest natural lake, as well as the sprawling Ortega mountain range – while coastal drop zones provide the breathtaking backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.


Slowing the pace down just slightly, Los Angeles offers the opportunity to partake in countless beautiful motorcycle routes that allow you to enjoy the Californian scenery with the wind rushing through your hair.

Whether you go for a superbike or a quintessentially American Harley-Davidson, you can explore famous landmarks within the city itself or whisk yourself out to the Pacific Coast Highway to take in the sea air and views.

By looking up some of the routes frequented by the city’s motorbike community, you can experience famous areas of the city at your own leisurely pace. Why not take in the views of Hollywood Hills before making your way to Santa Monica Pier for well-earned rest and recuperation.