Four great Ideas for serving food at the wedding reception

Before you think of food menu, decide the catering style you choose for serving food. Whether you choose fillet or chicken or a vegetarian style of food, catering style attracts the guests towards the food table.  Wedding catering in Toronto gives you ideas to choose which serving style suits best at your wedding reception. Here are the top four ideas:

  1. Plated or classic style for sit down dinner:

This is the formal style of dinner in which the guests are seated and served three courses: appetizers, entrée and dessert and sometimes, an intermezzo or amuse – bouche before the entrée. Guests usually have the option to select two or three entrees beforehand or get a duet plate of meat and fish.

Pros- Less costly, guests get the dinner at the same time and activities can be spread out in between the two meal service.

Cons- Requires more staffing, limited options to choose, requires place cards.

  1. The Buffet style or smorgasbord:

Here, the long tables with the entire dinner offerings are presented in one line. Servers are behind the buffet to serve and describe each dish. The buffet is open for all guests to revisit. Salads are served at the table before the main course so that guests can munch as they wait in their buffet line.

Pros- Servers can explain you each dish especially for the allergy purpose.  Fewer servers are needed. It gives guests to choose their food among many options available, especially when you are allergic. Guest can mingle with each other while they move in a line for the buffet.

Cons- Guests have to wait for a longer period of time to get their turn. You may rent linens and chafing dishes. Guests have to serve themselves. You require large quantities of food. Buffet may end with a lot of wastage of food as guests tend to keep their plate full when they serve themselves.

  1. Serve yourself food stations-

This is becoming very popular nowadays; here the food is displayed at different tables, offering categories of foods at food stations with a theme. The entries are in one spot, sides in another, salads on another spot, etc. They are spread across allowing the guests to roam and pick. Here you need to keep a lot of empty plates as people may discard plate after every bite.

Pros- Food is displayed in a more creative manner. There is a lot of varieties of food spread throughout the space which is usually appreciated by guests. Guests also don’t have to wait in a long line.  There is a cook to order station also.

Cons- It needs a large reception room and more chefs which make this style very costly.

  1. Family style serving-

Guests are assigned to specific dinner tables where waiters serve food on the table.

Pros-Large plates are served on the table and guests can help themselves, reduces mealtime.

Cons- Requires ample space and is costly in term of additional platters, serving pieces and increased food costs.

Wedding catering in Toronto provides you with great ideas so that you can add a wow factor in your wedding reception.