For a Magical Christmas Book Flights to These Wonderful Places

The festival of gifts and lights is around the corner and the world is all set to exude happiness and joy. Christmas is celebrated across continents with pomp and show as the day marks the birth of Lord Jesus. So, how about planning a trip to a new destination this season and enjoying the festival in a completely new environment? It’s time to create an album of memories as you witness different people celebrating Christmas in different ways. Here, we list down the top places where you can book your flights to celebrate a magical Christmas. Download a flight ticket booking right now and enjoy the best of deals and offers on flights.


Of course, you can’t keep Bethlehem out of this list for this is the place where Lord Jesus took birth. So, every year during Christmas time, you would find the streets of Bethlehem adorned with colourful lights and happy faces. Enjoy Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and revel in its beautiful surroundings. Soak in the paradisal chaos of Manger Square and mingle with lovely people all around.


One of the top places where Christmas is the biggest celebration of the year, Amsterdam must be your destination this season. Book your flight right away and be on the way already to witness its magic. Visit the Amsterdam Light Festival or indulge in Dutch delicacies. Enjoy Ice Skating or walk the main centre of the city witnessing the adorned buildings and towers. You can also explore the gorgeous markets and canal cruising during Christmas here.


When the talk is about Christmas destinations, you cannot miss out on the beauty of Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland. After all, celebrating Christmas in the midst of heavenly hamlets, sky touching mountains, and lush green grasslands is a different experience altogether. During Christmas, you can indulge in Ice skating, candle making, relishing hot chocolate, decorating the Christmas tree, and a lot more here.

New York City

One of the largest cities in the world is set to astonish in the largest fashion. New York City is getting ready with streets soaked in Christmas vibes. There are dozens of interesting things you can do in New York City during the festive season. Go shopping around Fifth Avenue, get a drink at Gallow Green, or visit the beauty of Central Park while witnessing beautiful crowds all around, or enjoy the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. You can also ice skate in Bryant Park for full feel and vibes.


Paris, the city of love, is where you should be with your better half or partner this Christmas. Because during the festival, the city gets decorated in heavenly lights and showcases a grand spectacle. Enjoy dinner on the Eiffel Tower or go for a romantic Louvre tour. Celebrate the scenes on the banks of the Seine river or book a classical music session. Paris allows you to celebrate Christmas in the most exhilarating manner.


Another place that deserves to be on the list is the Denmark city of Copenhagen. Book your flight ticket to this wonderful destination and make the most of Christmas. First of all, celebrate the lighting of the city and explore its gorgeous Christmas markets. Enjoy wine and cake in the city’s most stunning cafe and witness the grand tree lighting at the City Hall. You can also cruise the canals by Kayak and listen to Christmas carols in a church.

So, these were the most significant places you can fly to this Christmas. Plan your vacation with your loved ones right away and make the most of the year end.