Five Healthy Habits For 2023 That Will Shift Your Mindset

The saying goes new year, new you. And, while many of us might continue to balk at the idea of setting a New Year’s resolution, perhaps knowing how often they are destined to fail, any excuse to improve your physical and mental health is worthwhile motivation.

Despite the well-known fact that around half of all resolutions end up being forgotten, Generation Z are actually making a greater number of New Year’s resolutions than the generations before them, with a greater focus on health and wellness. Although, the majority of resolutions in Australia still focus on saving and earning money.

If, however, you are looking to make 2023 the year of your self-improvement, we have five healthy habits that will help you to see the world in a different way, improve your sense of worth, and ultimately shift your mindset.

Drink More Water

Only once individuals start actively trying to drink the recommended amount of water per day, which in Australia is two to two and a half litres, do they start to realise how little they actually drink. Keeping hydrated has a number of benefits, including having more energy and reducing stress, helping individuals to improve their outlook on life and even reducing depression.

Reduce Screen Time

Our attention spans are susceptible to the interface of many apps and it is easy to find ourselves scrolling through an abundance of content for hours. This is problematic, especially for individual mental health. To check if you are spending an excessive amount of time on your screen, then try setting a ‘screen limit’, one that will warn you when you hit your daily allowance. It might just prompt you to realise how easily time can fly.

Embrace Nature

Whether you want to run through the woodlands or swim in the sea, getting outdoors has a number of benefits. Even outside of the physical activity that outdoor activities offer, there is the restorative effect of the wild, with natural landscapes helping to give people a respite from the stressors of urban life. For those that spend a great deal of time in the city or in stressful situations, embracing a little more nature can be just the thing that is needed to improve one’s health.

Sleep Hygiene

This phrase, sleep hygiene, refers to the quality of one’s sleep. Without realising it, many can get by with poor-quality sleep hygiene, failing to see how their stress or low energy levels pertain to their sleeping environment. Elements such as light and noise affect our comfort and can disrupt sleep even without waking us up. This is why it is important we design our bedrooms with tranquillity in mind, turning off our phones and ensuring we sleep soundly.

Try Something New

Whether you have been too afraid to pick up a new hobby or have felt as if new endeavours are less important than other responsibilities, the new year is a great opportunity to try new things. Picking up a new hobby, learning a new language, reading more, or cooking new foods are each example of how small changes can entirely change your lifestyle, helping to develop schedules that make personal development a priority.