Romania is a beautiful country. There are a lot of places, parks, architectural, and historical sites to see. Romanian locals are very friendly and very passionate about their country and would like to help tourists gain the best experience when they tour in Romania.

On that note, below are a few tips for first-time tourists in Romania.

  • Travel requirements

Normally, citizens from countries who are members of the European Union, do not require a visa when visiting Romania.

There are, however, countries where a pre-approval visa letter is needed before visiting Romania. These are mostly countries in Africa, Asia or the Middle East. Otherwise, there are no special requirements when visiting this beautiful country.

  • Currency

The Romanian currency is Leu or Lei in the plural. When you first visit Romania, you will notice that most prices are displayed in Euros. Although that is the case, payments can only be made in Lei.

Currencies that are easily interchangeable at exchange bureaus include US Dollars, UK Pounds, Swiss Francs and Euros. There are a lot of ATMs you can withdraw money from. However, it is advisable to always carry cash with you because there are no ATMsn in the remote areas and also, card payments are not accepted.

A word of caution thou; avoid using exchange offices located at the airport. They are notorious for taking advantage of unsuspecting tourists and offering lower exchange rates.

  • Budget and Travel expenses

One of the most amazing things about Romania is that it is a relatively cheap town. Despite that, tourists traveling on a budget should realize that there are certain destinations in Romania that are a bit expensive. Such destinations include; Bucharest, Sibui and Cluj-Napoca.

Most cities have at least one shopping mall you can shop at. Romania is known to have textiles and leather products that are of very high quality and available at an affordable price. They are also very fashionable and will notice many top designers and fashionistas prefer them.

  • Moving around Romania

The best convenient way to get to Romania is by flight. There are a couple of cheap flight options available. Taking a train is also another favorable option especially when traveling to Budapest and Vienna among other destinations.

For individuals that love adventure, the Eastern European road trip or a boat cruise through Danube river would be their best suit to traveling to Romania.

When it comes to getting around the city, the story is a bit different. Due to the huge traffic, moving around Romania via cars can be challenging but not impossible.  The train is another option but the railway Infrastructure is not its best. Despite this, traveling via train is cheaper and you will get to your destination safely.

It is advisable for tourists to have their travel insurance ready before visiting Romania

There are many tips you would be given before traveling to a foreign land but the above are the most important. Do not forget to know the locals. Romanians are very friendly and hospitable. They will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. Romania is a beautiful country and make sure you have fun while there for a visit.