8 Activities To Keep You Fit Outside Of The Gym

The gym environment isn’t for everyone. Even outside of perceived judgment and challenges that come with entering a new space, gyms tend to be an often intense and even sterile environment, one that not can deter newcomers from enjoying. Thankfully, however, they are not the only resource for getting into and staying in shape.

Many choose to pick up an activity instead, one that allows them not only to get outdoors for their exercise, enjoying various and exciting natural landscapes but one that keeps them physically active in exciting ways. If this idea of improving your physical fitness outdoors sounds more intriguing than subscribing to a gym membership, then we have six potential sources of inspiration for you.


Heading out on a bicycle is one of the most popular activities to stay in good shape for a number of reasons. Primarily, however, it is because the bicycle can easily replace a current mode of transportation, such as a car of public transport, and enable an individual to transform their commute into a period of exercise.

Rock Climbing

If you’re looking for a high-impact activity that will improve your upper body strength, rock climbing might just be your solution. It does, however, require participants to have a fondness for heights and extreme situations because, while verticals start out small, they can soon reach unexpected heights!


Alternatively, if you’re looking for a low-impact and relaxing way to stay in shape, paddleboarding might just be for you. This relatively relaxing endeavour takes individuals and groups out onto the water and can be enjoyed all year round, promising you’re well-equipped with the right clothing for a cold day.


Another fantastic and popular low-impact work that suits those by the water is swimming. Or, if it’s outside, wild swimming. This activity requires little in the way of equipment and can be enjoyed with a group of friends, those who will encourage you to make it a regular habit. Just be sure to bring a hot drink for afterwards.


For those who want to lose weight, running is a simple and accessible way to begin while also enjoying the local scenery. Finding a good trail can encourage you to get started burning calories while also finding a regular escape from your local town or city, leading you into nature.


If you want to combine fitness with adventure, then kayaking might be the best option. Whether you want to take a quick jaunt on the water or pack a tent and travel downriver, this watersport requires upper-body and core strength, helping to develop both.


While many might associate the act of skiing with relaxing vacations to the western provinces, skiing can actually be a fantastic way to keep active. The sport does require an initial investment of equipment but, once this has been made, the peaks becomes totally open, getting individuals away from the gym and into high-octane experiences that will also test their fitness.