5 reasons to try skydiving as a senior

If you are looking for an exhilarating activity, skydiving might be the thing for you. When you are getting ready to make that jump, you can see for miles and miles. As you fall at 10,000 feet, all the worries are gone, and you can focus on the view that you see before you. If you are an experienced skydiver, you can free-fall at an even higher altitude.

For an average cost of about $300, you can cross skydiving off your bucket list and face your fear. The first 30 seconds or so is spent free-falling, while the entire fall can last about five to six minutes.

Excitement and thrill

The few minutes you are in the airplane until you reach the ground again, you can feel like a brand-new person. There may be excitement and fear all at the same time, but skydiving can clear your mind to where you are not thinking about anything else in the world other than what is happening in that exact moment.

You may only want to do it once to say you did it, or you may fall in love with falling out of planes. Before you go, you may want to consult with your doctor due to the increase in heart rate caused by adrenaline pumping through your body, but there are many reasons to try skydiving in your senior years.

There is a liberating feeling that comes from jumping out of a plane. You have to get yourself to enter that plane, and once you’re flying high in the air, the best way to get back down to the ground is by throwing yourself out that door. Imagine you are on the incline of a rollercoaster, inching to the top, and once you’re there, you drop suddenly, and in the blink of an eye, the drop is over.

Now, think of that feeling but intensified at 10,000 feet in the air and with a free-fall of half a minute. If that thought is already giving you butterflies, you may want to try skydiving for the adrenaline rush.

Bucket list

Retirement is the perfect time to check off activities from your bucket list. You may check off two things at once with skydiving. If traveling to Hawaii and skydiving are on your bucket list, you can plan a trip to Hawaii, and one of the excursions can be skydiving.

Not only do you get to experience launching yourself out of a moving plane, but you will see the most incredible view that not many will see in their lifetime. You start high up in the air where things below look like ants, and as you make your way down to earth, everything in view becomes larger.

Letting go of all worries

While you are driving to the skydiving facility, loading into the plane, standing at the edge, free-falling, and landing on the group, you won’t be thinking of anything else other than that very moment. That entire time you will let go of all worries without realizing it.

You will only be thinking and living in the moment. As a senior, you may worry about medical bills, budget, health, and more. You will be worry-free for those five to six minutes you are skydiving.

Conquering your fear

Heights or flying might be a fear of yours. When you sign the waiver to skydive, you are halfway there to conquering your fear. The fear of skydiving should not stop you from going. It can be an empowering feeling to overcome fear. Skydiving might give you the push to conquer other fears that you may have as well.

Mind and body perspective

Once you touch the ground after free-falling and falling with a parachute, the feeling you will have running through your body may leave you with an adventurous desire yearning for more. You may look at life with a whole new perspective now that you accomplished something that not everyone can say they’ve done.


If you are craving an adrenaline rush or want to see life from a different perspective, you may want to look into skydiving in your area. You could even try skydiving during your next vacation. Skydiving can give you an empowering feeling as you take that leap and dive into the atmosphere.